Thursday, September 10, 2009

curing a craving

I had a craving for peach cobbler and ice cream. Easy fix. I purchased fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream last weekend at the grocery store.

A problem arose. Those peaches were just too tempting to leave alone. They taste so good. Like candy.

So here we are, several days later and I still have my craving. And only 1 peach. Add to that 2 apples, reduce the ingredients by half, use a smaller pan and WA-LA.

Craving cured. Hot cobbler. Cold ice cream.


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm. Love the bowls!

Michelle said...

Oh goodness...I'm thinking the addition of the apples made it even better! YUM!

dmoms said...

the peaches that I bought last week were so incredible yummy. I hope yours tasted the same. I am due to make some cobbler tomorrow : )

thanks for your comment on my blog today!!

Beegirl said...

Oh so yummy!!