Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Law-Man Reads Title; Disappointed with Blog Content

Law-Man read my post titled, "What if the Hokey Pokey is all it's about?". He said, "Well that's great honey but don't you think you should talk about the hokey pokey?" What was he looking for, a hokey pokey history lesson? A YouTube video of me doing that silly dance? You can forget that!

Well, beings I'm a law-abidin' wife, I googled the history of the Hokey Pokey. I'm tellin' you, research used to be much more time consuming. According to Wikpedia here's a brief synopsis of the HP's history.

Known as the Hokey Pokey, it became popular in the USA in the 1950s. Larry LaPrise, Charles Macak and Tafit Baker were granted the copyright for the song in 1950. According to popular legend they created this novelty dance in 1949 as entertainment for the ski crowd at Idaho's Sun Valley resort. However, as the dance was wildly popular with American servicemen and Britons during World War II, this date cannot be correct.

What? Entertained the ski crowd? Are you kidding me? The costumes must have been amazing (maybe something Brittany-esque?). Did the dancers contort their bodies as they were throwing their right arm in? Did those wild movements cause wardrobe malfunctions? Wow, they must have been good. Maybe Law-Man needs to take a trip to Sun Valley for a little Hokey-Pokey R&R.

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