Friday, March 28, 2008

The Domino Effect

We've done it now....the domino effect. Lawman and I are both home today and we're painting our bedroom. It may sound easy but have you ever noticed how one project leads to another, and another, and another?

We've got the first coat on. It's not a 'fashion' color but a basic - - clay beige. We're happy with the color. Clean walls do a lot for the room. But now we've noticed other things we need to do - - clean the carpets, update our art (if you can call what we have art), buy new bedding and strip the wallpaper in the master bath and paint. I'd also like to install a new ceiling fan and find a poem or saying in 'wall graffiti' to add to our ceiling alcove. See what I mean? The domino effect.

I've already taken care of one of those projects mentioned above. I've been eyeing a quilt on and I showed it to Lawman today. He liked it too so it's now on order and on the way to our home. Even that will lead to another "to do" item...boxing up our old quilt, pillow shams and dust ruffle and getting it to the Salvation Army. See what I mean? Does it ever end?

My break is over; time for the 2nd coat and picking up the dominos.

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