Sunday, March 30, 2008

On Home

Since finishing the painting of our bedroom on Friday and getting it back in order yesterday morning, Lawman and I have pretty much been on vacation. The funny thing is, we're home. With the girls out of the house this weekend, we decided to give ourselves a mini-vacation without traveling anywhere. It's been quite nice.

We went to a movie late yesterday afternoon. We saw 21. Lawman and I would both give it a thumbs-up. It's based on a true story which is probably what makes it so interesting. Sometimes real life consists of better stories than what some script writer could make up. And let me just say that I could never do in Vegas what these kids do; my brain isn't wired like theirs.

After the movie, we went to a little deli for a quick dinner. It's the tiniest of places but the food and atmosphere are great. Then we met friends for cocktails downtown. It was a good night and we were home by 9:30. How's that for a vacation schedule?

This morning was very relaxed. It's a grey day outside so we stayed in and watched CBS Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood; one of my absolute favorite shows. I only wish I was able to watch it each week. They always have such an eclectic mix of subjects....this morning it was food, R.E.M. (love them), art, Spanx undergarments and baseball. See what I mean by quite the mix of subjects?

By this time it was definitely time for breakfast. We could hardly hear the tv over the tummy rumblings. We decided to venture downtown for breakfast. To the Friendly Cooker - - our local cafe. Now let me just say that what I'm about to tell you is almost embarassing for me to admit. The last time we ate here was at least 8 or 9 years ago. That's right. And we're in a town with very few choices for eating establishments, especially for breakfast unless you want an Egg McMuffin or a Sonic Breakfast Burrito. Get the picture?

Why so long since we'd eaten here you ask? Well, our oldest daughter got food poisoning there on the last trip. That's why. After that ordeal I wasn't overly enthusiastic about going again. And neither was she.

But Lawman and I were feeling particularly adventurous this morning so we decided to go out on a limb. And let me just say that we're glad we did. We both had the "Cooker Scrambler" and it was tasty; not low in calories or fat but it sure hit the spot. Eggs, ham, cheese and veggies scrambled together and served with hashbrowns, toast or biscuit. With drinks our total was $14. Pretty reasonable we thought. And much better than the other options available in town. We even went so far as to check out the dinner menu. Why you can get 2 pieces of fried chicken with potatoes and veggies for nearly the same price as a biggie size value mean from the golden arches. Hello....which sounds better to you? I think we'll have to take the girls to the Cooker for dinner sometime soon.

And to my local girlfriends let me just say that I know you'll find it hard to believe that it has been so long since I'd eaten at the Cooker and I don't want to hear about it. Admitting this in front of the entire internet community (which is maybe at least 5 in my case) is enough embarassment for me. Thank you very much.

Friendly Cooker, I'll be calling for reservations. Oh, that's right, none needed.

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Jenny said...

We ate at the Cooker yesterday, too. A little after church chowdown. I'm sure it's been 9 years for us, too! Well, ok, sub in something between days and weeks for the years.

We went with another family and it was soooo crowded the kids HAD to sit at a table across the room from us...a little frightening, but turned out to be a wonderful dining experience for all. I got the number #1 (even though they don't number the breakfast choices anymore). Hit the spot is right!