Monday, April 28, 2008

Vintage Linens

Last weekend we went to see my folks. Mom wanted help cleaning out her clothes closet. She also wanted the linen closets done but time didn't permit so it's on the list for the next trip.

I don't know how the subject came up but I happened to mention that I love vintage linens. She sent me home with these dishtowels.

Aren't they great? She thinks she bought them at a local bazaar years ago. Can you imagine the time that went into these? Not only are they embroidered...

...but they also have crocheted edging. No two are the same. Each crocheted edge is different, even on the same towel.

I love the colors. They're so cute that I'm even considering purchasing a coordinating fabric for a backing and making pillows out of them. I think they'd be darling in a guest room.


Kate said...

Those are absolutely beautiful Nancy! I am so jealous!! I saw somewhere where somebody made a kitchen valance with very similar vintage linens and it was stunning. I hope you really enjoy them, and how nice that they are part of the family.

By the way, I never did receive your e-mail with the recipes. Sorry! If you do get a chance and wouldn't mind resending, I would love to try them out soon. Thanks.

Mary said...

Oh Nancy, they are so cute!!! I think they would look fabulous as pillows, or as a valance...totally charming!

Jenny said...

Those are lovely linens! What classic charm. They would be wonderful as pillows, a valance or ...just hangin' on the right day in the kitchen.