Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Elastic Required

More times than not, I'm happy to go shopping. However, there are two particular items I hate shopping for -- vehicles and swimsuits.

My vehicle is fine but given the current state of my swimsuit, shopping for a new one has been long overdue. No elastic left in either the top or the bottom. I mean seriously, any 40+ mother knows that high quality elastic is a necessity, especially in a swimsuit. Elastic was non-existent in my suit. So much so that my girls were hanging and my cheeks were bare. Oh, that's a visual, isn't it? I think we better move on.

I would like to say right up front that having a teenager and a tween in the dressing room while trying on swimsuits was quite humorous. I'm sure we created more than a few memories. And oh Lord, the comments. Let's just say it's a good thing that I'm comfortable in my own skin. I will have to admit that they were very helpful. And honest. That's probably an understatement.

I had my heart set on this suit. Apparently, women that wear Nike suits have no boobs. My girls just about had a stroke when they realized that their mother had that much cleavage.

This top was too low-cut. However, I can guarantee you that my 15 year old would think a low-cut neckline like this is totally appropriate for her. Well, her girls are still perky. She told me, "No, it makes your boobs look saggy." That's not what I needed to hear. I'm well aware that the perk has got up and left. Again, the need for high quality elasticity!

Finally, we decided on this and this. It was far and away the top choice. The girls say it makes me look perky and thin--words that this mama wants to hear over and over.


Susie from Bienvenue said...

I think I peed a little reading your post It was so funny ! =) I have three kids of my own. 17,15,and 7(almost 8).The 15 yr old daughter and I went shopping for bras not long ago. Im sure the Mall will never be the same. She was sooo honest. Thank goodness I can laugh at myself. I just told her that I didnt get that way on my own, she helped.... It was a fun day filled with giggles and tears of joy. Susie H.

amanda said...

Thank goodness for daughters! (I'm reminding myself this for later down the road! I know I will remember this post in a couple of years as I re-live it!)

The suit is very cute! I've been shopping for one lately, with no luck. Toddler says "Mommi - I have to poo poo in the potty!" Baby is crying the hungry cry. Result - no suit fits the "I just had a baby" body the way I think it should, AND milk is shooting everywhere. I give up!

Thanks for alway making me laugh!


Jenny said...

Oh, my! That was funny! Just envisioning the comments with voice inflection. I bet it was fun. The other day my middle boy stopped dead in his tracks when I came out of the bedroom in shorts. You'd think the guy had not ever seen an adult woman in shorts before. He stammered a little and said, "You look, ah,...kind of weird." My answer, "honey, I've been wearing shorts for a long, LONG time. I swear!"

Kate said...

Thanks for such a fun post Nancy! I'm sure you and your girls really did create some fabulous memories. And I LOVE your suit!!

Jannat said...

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