Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Treasures

Today is "City Wide Garage Sale" day in our town.

Our newspaper arrived Wednesday, complete with map and ads. Blonde 3 read through each ad and even high-lighted what she thought would be the "have to go to" sales.

She and I were out the door before 7:30 this morning. She didn't have much luck but I found a few treasures and spent a total of $2.25.

I purchased a corning ware pie plate to replace one that broke months ago. The holiday Debbie Mumm spreders will be a great little extra to give with a cheese ball and crackers to neighbors this Christmas. The wine charms will be a fun little extra to have when we entertain friends or family during the holidays. And what I consider to be the best bargain of all is the More Make A Mix Cookery book. I've checked this out from the library before and really enjoyed it. For a mere 25 cents, I'm now able to enjoy it anytime I want.

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Kate said...

Great finds Nancy. I have those exact spreaders. :-)