Friday, June 6, 2008

My M&M is 12 today.

My M&M. She's 12 years old today.
This picture was taken when she was 6. It's one of my absolute favorites. I love the toothless grin and the fact that it is obvious from this picture that she's a very happy girl.
Happy Birthday!
*Her initials are MMB, hence the M&M.

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Unknown said...


I have a favorite picture of Madison too. I'll have to dig it out of storage soon and send you a copy. My dad was still in his apartment in Denver and you all came to visit. We went to the pool a few times and Kara and Alison had to be soooo cool with their sun glasses on like they were rock stars and little Madison (who was probably 4) couldn't have been happier with her blue sucker. She has the bluest tounge I have ever seen and it's just hanging out of her mouth. I'll send you a copy soon.