Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Weekend at a Glance

A goal became reality for Lawman this weekend. He completed the Kansas 70.3 Ironman on Sunday. Late last year Lawman decided that he'd like to complete a half ironman to celebrate his turning 40 this month. After many, many hours of grueling training, he did just that.

Here's a glimpse into our weekend. Saturday was check-in. Below: 1) Lawman and his training partner, Tracy, at registration; 2) Need to hydrate? Here's a few choices. 3) At bike check-in.

Race day started early. We were up at 4:00 am and at the race site by 5:00 am. Man, that's early. There were 1200+ registered athletes. Add to that all of their families and friends that came out to support them and you've got a very large crowd.

Lawman & Tracy's swim heat started at 7:00 am. Here they are waiting and then they were off. Notice the blonde girl in the red shorts--that's B3. She's sporting our Team Burton shirts we had made for this weekend.

Lawman was out of the water in 42 minutes. Oh, and the distance was 1.2 miles. Someone would have had to rescue me.

Next stop...transition and onto the bike.

That's Lawman in the blue tri-suit. He's taken off the wet suit and he's gearing up to go out on the bike.

B2 and B3 were tired so they caught a few Z's while dad was on the bike. They had about 3 hours to kill.....good time for a nap.

Here he comes. 56 miles later, he's ready for dismount. Man that's alot of miles. Lawman said it wasn't a flat ride either; every hill in the area was part of the course.

Now it's back to transition to prepare for the run. Put the bike on the rack, get your race belt, shoes and gel packs. 13 miles to go. Oh, and locate the wifey on the fenceline, get a kiss and a few words of encouragement.

Here he is at the completion of the first leg of the run. We'll be able to see him 2 more times before the finish line.

6 hours and 23 minutes later, finished at last. Time to re-hydrate. What an accomplishment. Way to go Lawman. His best friend since race day has been the bottle of Aleve. After a few days rest it will be time to start training again. Full ironman in Oklahoma City in September. Do you think he's certifiably nuts?


April said...

Way to go Lawman! Think he'll get one of his girls to join him someday?

Rechelle said...

Yes Nancy I do, and I don't think he gets to wear the Goode and Schwedde shirt anymore since he no longer qualifies as the "common man".

Unknown said...

I'm just proud to say that guy used to be one of my training partners!

I think a man can be at once extraordinary and common. If anyone can, it's Lawman.

I think Goode & Schwedde would like to sponsor his team in the full Ironman, if they'll have us.

Anonymous said...

wow - that is awesome! way to go. did he do a full?