Monday, July 21, 2008

A (Long) Day at the Pool

The swim season is coming to a close. With that is a league meet with all of the teams in our league; there are nine. This means hundreds of swimmers, 66 events and a very long day at the pool.

When I woke up I wasn't sure that we'd actually get to have this meet. It was raining. Made me wonder why I was even bothering to get out of bed before 6am. None the less, we rallied the troops, packed the cooler and loaded the truck. We were at the pool at 7:20 am and the kids were in the water for warm-ups by 7:40. Luck was on our side. The rain stopped, the clouds stayed and the meet got underway at 9:00. We were exiting the park at 3:30. None the less it was a long day--lots of waiting between swim events. Here's how you pass the time.

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Jenny said...

I love that first picture! Also, B2's expression in the picture where she is reading is incredible. Hope those girls were pleased with the day!