Thursday, September 11, 2008


Today was the day to find out if all of B3's hard work would pay off. It was her first volleyball game as a 7th grader. On the way to the game, the coaches announced who would be on A team and B team; a big announcement that these girls have waited weeks for. B3's name was included on the A team roster. She was thrilled. (And I was so proud.)

When I walked into the gym and saw the big grin on her face, I knew she was enjoying it. Their hardwork paid off tonight. They won both of their games. What a way to start off the season. Nice work ladies!

Since I knew we would be out of town tonight when I was planning my menu last weekend, I scheduled fast food for our dinner. Now that it's over, I'm irritated with myself that we spent the $18 at a drive-thru rather than just sucking it up until we got home and making sandwiches. We (3 of us) ordered 3 combo meals and ended up eating only the sandwiches from each of them. The fries ended up in the trash. They were stale and cold. They didn't even feel like they'd been sitting under a heat lamp. Of course, by the time we realized this we had already left the restaurant's parking lot and were back on the road home. We didn't even get napkins.

Highlight of the day was free samples I received in the mail -- Cascade Complete and Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. The free samples were 2nd, of course, to the volleyball game.


Anonymous said...

it is nice to see their hard work pay off. My daughter came home with the captains badge for this weekend soccer game. she was so proud. Now, I hope they win. I won't be there as my son plays at the same time and I am taking him...

we love watching our kids play sports. It really is fun despite the fact it takes all my free time : )

Lynn said...

I used to play volleyball but I was terrible. I am 5 foot 10 inches so everyone thought I would be good at it. I am just not a sports person. But I enjoy watching volleyball. I got the same samples yesterday. It is great to get freebies in the mail. By the way thanks for stopping by my blog. You left a comment but blogger lost it. I am not sure what happened. Thanks for commenting though.

Anonymous said...

You go Madi-Mads!! Can't wait to see you play!