Saturday, September 20, 2008

Family Day

Monday, September 22 is Family Day – A day to Eat Dinner with Your Children. This national effort was created by CASA (The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse) in 2001 to promote family dinners and the positive interaction that occurs between parents and children while sharing a meal together. The conversations that take place at the dinner table allow parents to learn about their children’s lives and the challenges they face.

I would like to encourage you to share a meal together as a family on September 22 in honor of Family Day. Make it an activity by including your children in the preparation of the meal, allow your children to select the menu, or enjoy the nice weather we’ve been having and eat in the park. With the busy schedules that we all keep, we need to remember to schedule family time together at the dinner table.
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Anonymous said...

we try to eat together yet it does not always happen. it was a priority for my family but not so much for my husbands growing up. (they ate in front of the tv every night!) I prefer my way yet make times when we do just relax about the where we eat and just try to eat together.

Anonymous said...

We have eaten dinner together almost every night of my children's lives - but this "Family Day" will find them at their Dad's house and me on my own.
It's only been a month since he walked out and not yet a week since we entered into a custody arrangement so I can only assume that it will get easier?
I certainly HOPE so!
I hope everyone else is able to have a great "Family Day"!