Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's all in the Attitude

Don't ever let it be said that I'm afraid of a challenge. As a mother, wife, domestic engineer, employee and all the other job titles I wear, I muster up the courage to take on at least one challenge, if not more, every single day. Some days are harder than others.

We all face challenges. Sometimes it can be just having to get out of bed. Anything can be a challenge -- getting to work on time, being patient with your children or spouse, folding laundry, preparing a meal, committee obligations, etc.

I've found one thing that makes all the difference. It's attitude. Yep. Pretty simple. The course of my day can be determined by my attitude. I alone have the ability to make my day a good day or a bad day. It's not up to my family, co-workers, friends, or the gal at the drive-thru window.

Attitude was mentioned in our Sunday sermon. It was one of three* things that should be noticeably changed after becoming a believer. The Bible says that "Your attitude should be that of Jesus Christ." (Philipians 2:5) That prompted me to think about my own personal attitude. Can people tell I'm a Christian by my attitude?
Each day I decide what my attitude will be -- positive or negative. I've found that for my sake, as well as those around me, if I decide to 'wear' a positive attitude, it makes for a good day.

I have my bad days just like everyone else. And because of that, I'm grateful that He forgives. I make mistakes and sometimes it's pretty evident that I'm not 'wearing' a good attitude. I do find though that if I make a conscious effort to have a good attitude, it can and usually does make all the difference.

(*The other two things that should be noticeably changed are lifestyle and willingness to serve others.)


Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

You are 100% right. The funny thing I've found with attitude is even when I know it makes a difference to have a positive one, there are still some days when it is just so hard. I feel like I'm forever working on improving my attitude.

I have never thought of attitude in relation to my Christianity in quite this way. It really is an intriguing and convicting notion though. Thank you for giving me this food for thought, and a little push in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

wow - I just came in the door with a little "attitude" and it was not positive. I so hear you on this one - it truly is all about attitude - my attitude. And, really good point about how my attitude portrays my faith.

thanks Nancy - I needed this one right at this time.

Now to make dinner, clean up dinner, make lunches, and put that one load of laundry away : )

amanda said...

It's at the top of my list every day. Lately I've been trying to wait just a few more moments before I get out of bed to make sure that I have time to adjust it and smile - to set the tone for the girls. Sometimes it's easy, and other days - like the past few weeks - it's a decision I have to make. Tough - but it makes a world of difference in my day.

Like you, I also wonder - can people tell? Just by my attitude? Do they know that there's something different? I've been working so hard at becoming a better witness, that sometimes I forget that it's as simple as this. Thanks for the reminder!