Monday, October 27, 2008

The Grinch of Halloween

I was in costume yesterday. Something similar to the Grinch. Or maybe it was the Wicked Witch. Or the Hulk.

B2 has a costume party to attend on Halloween night. Of course she needs a costume. And of course, nothing that we could "create" at home will do.

Let me just say that I hate Halloween costumes for 15 year old girls. Why is it not ok to be CUTE at that age? Why does everything for teenagers have to be sexy? And why do teenage girls (one in particular) see nothing wrong with spending $60 on a one-time outfit that isn’t even NORMAL clothes?

I had a major headache and a foul mood to match it by the time we got home from shopping yesterday. I did not behave well. Just ask B2. I was the Grinch, the Wicked Witch and the Hulk all rolled into one. What girl wouldn't be thrilled to have such a mother?

Thank heavens for small favors. B3 wanted to be a nurse. We borrowed her costume from our friend, Dina, who is a real nurse.

If there had been a bottle of wine in my house when I got home yesterday, I would have drank it all. Again, thank heavens for favors or I would have had a headache this morning.

And if you're wondering, it was not my $60 which purchased a cute sailor outfit.


Unknown said...

I hate the price of Halloween costumes as well! I have a full bag of over-priced, worn once costumes. Now that my friends are also in the same boat, we just borrow and exchange costumes every year. After Halloween or next September maybe she can try selling it on e-Bay or Craigslist. I have done this in the past.

Anonymous said...

okay, that is funny. I know it was not for you but one day you'll be able to look back and laugh.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nanc... maybe she'll rent it to you next year!! :)

Kate said...

Oh Nancy, I feel for you. I'm not looking forward to those days myself.

The grinch, wicked witch and hulk rolled into one does not sound like a fun combination for either of you!