Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween for Mom & Dad

For 15 Halloweens we've had children. For 15 years we've been doing the trick-or-treat extravaganza.

Not this year.

Both of our goblins have other plans tonight. Plans that do not include Mom & Dad.

Knowing that our girls wouldn't be needing us this evening I suggested to Lawman last week that we come up with our own Halloween plan. One that does not include manning the front door and handing out candy. For about 150 kids. I kid you not. (We've got elementary teachers that live in our neighborhood plus we're on a dead-end street so you can only imagine the kind of horror, um, traffic that haunts us on October 31st each year.)

Initially, Lawman was not too thrilled with this idea. He thought me not buying candy and handing it out was unlawful. Un-American.

Well, as luck would have it, we've received two party invitations. Yes, parties for the parents! Costumes not required! One on our street and another at the home of one of Lawman's partners in crime later in the evening.

Sorry gouhls and goblins. My lights will be off. No jack-o-lanterns lit. No candy by the door. You'll have to go to my neighbors.

And girls, have fun at your parties. Enjoy your chocolate. We'll be thinking of you as we feast on devil's eye, gnarly fingers and witch's brew.


Kate @ A Simple Walk said...

Sounds like a fun grown-up night! I hope you both enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

we are not going to be home either. we are going to a party at our church. first time is 12 years that we will not be home handing out candy. i just love that i didn't have to buy any because i usually end up eating it.

Anonymous said...

Yay for big-people time! Have fun at your parties!

Courtney said...

Fun! Hope you had a great time! I have to work every year at a Halloween event, so I never go trick-or-treating OR pass out candy. (although considering we live in the country, we wouldn't have any kids T-or-Ting at our house anyway. lol)