Monday, October 6, 2008

Less Fortunate Gourds Find Home

Since it is starting to feel like fall, I thought it was time it started to look like fall. At least on our front porch.

The girls spied some pretty good fall decorating items while we were grocery shopping this weekend. B3 found this Indian corn and then selected a ribbon that would match.

B2 liked the unusual green gourd/pumpkin that you see below. The stem on it was broke and the pumpkin that is the scarecrow's head is missing a stem. So we decided we were the family that chose to help the less fortunate gourds! Oh, aren't we funny?

Lawman contributed as well. His old straw hat found a new home. Lawman is also the artist that graced the pumpkin with a face.

Mums are the only thing missing. I plan to pick some up this week.

I also noticed this weekend that the Christmas displays are going up. I realize that retailers are always ahead of the game but I find it so frustrating to be bombarded with all the decorations so early. I can't purchase any of them until I have a plan and know what I need. That won't happen until I pull out the Christmas decorations and that won't happen until Thanksgiving. Just let me enjoy fall.

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Anonymous said...

looking good! could not agree more about the decorations out so early