Monday, December 22, 2008

I SPY ~ Homemade

My family will be gathering for our Christmas celebration on Saturday. Our family is quite large when we all get together so this year we have rented a community facility rather than gathering at someone's home.

I thought I'd try to come up with something that could keep the littlest ones busy for a while. Here's what I did with the help of my youngest.

We filled empty (and dry, that's important) water bottles with bird seed, about halfway. Then we added little treasures which could be searched for and added more bird seed so the bottle was about 3/4 full. We added a tag with this poem:

Some pirates got it all mixed up
And did things wrong way 'round.
They put the treasure in a bottle
And buried the map in the ground!
Their treasure was some silly stuff
Like needles, screws, and beads.
Then dear old Polly Parrot
Added all her extra seeds!
So find the items hidden here
No two are quite the same.

On the backside of the tag we listed the items to be found. Here's what we used:
  • paper clip
  • safety pin
  • cup hook
  • bird (miniature from Hobby Lobby)
  • feather
  • rubberband
  • ribbon
  • marble
  • button
  • shoe (miniature from Hobby Lobby)
  • jingle bell
  • gem
  • rosette
  • beads

For safety reasons, we hot-glued the lids on.

I think Madison and I had as much fun making these as the little ones will trying to spy all the treasures. These would make great party favors for a pirate themed birthday party.

Note: I don't know who to credit for the idea or the poem. I read this in an email several years ago and didn't think to write that information down.


Anonymous said...

that is so thoughtful of you! wow, that must be one big family gathering.

Unknown said...

I wish we could make it with the little one this year but we have family in town from CA. I know we will be there next year though and a trip in June is in the works!


what a great idea! i may have to try that for my little ones...