Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Moment of Quiet Among the Madness

Lawman and I found a moment of quiet last night. Something that seems difficult to do during the holiday rush.

Christmas carols playing, a glass of wine and enjoying our Kathe Wohlfahrt insence buring snowman we picked up in Germany in 2002.

Discussion of the New Year; healthy eating and new goals.

Today there will be rushing with wrapping and the last of the shopping but that stolen moment of quiet will see me through.


Anonymous said...

enjoy your day! we are forcasted to get a high wind storm today. Better blog while I can : )

Kerri said...

Kathe Wohlfahrt!!! I love that store!! In fact, I have a very similar snowman like your's at my house. Last yr when we were with our German friends, I was looking at their incense box of re-fills and laughing. Because the instructions said "for the fumigation man" Didn't translate so well from German to English. They gave me the empty box to bring home. Glad you had a wonderful evening --Enjoy your day!