Saturday, January 24, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Remember that imposter I told you about? Well, she's still in my house and I'm guessing she won't be leaving anytime soon. I noticed this past week that she doesn't want anything to do with family time. She'd prefer to be on her own, in another room, with a book or a tv. Once-in-a-while I'm ok with that but not every single day. So, I came up with a plan.

I told everyone on Thursday to plan on a family activity Friday evening after we had our standard dinner fare of homemade pizza.
Pizza time came and went and that little imposter thought she could just disappear and we'd never notice. Wrong. I called her back to the kitchen table for our activity. Origami.

Last weekend I found a book about origami at the used bookstore. I thought it might provide some inspiration for projects that we could do together plus I was taken with some of the items photographed in the book.

We are not professional origami-ists so we started with the basics. A pencil or crayon.

Our oldest gal wanted to make a hat.

I wanted to make a container. With the help of the girl with the hat above, we did it. Out of newspaper we made 2 containers, one big, one little, and they'd be perfect for holding popcorn, peanuts in the shell or chips. I think I might have to make several of them and use them to hold some snacks during the SuperBowl next week. You can see it below. It's holding our stash of homemade goodies right behind the wine glass.

Just as we were finishing this little paper folding project, there was a knock at the door. A friend stopped by to have a cocktail with us. It didn't take the imposter 2 seconds to announce, "Family time over." and she split.


Anonymous said...

I am so PROUD of you! Your girls are getting to the age where mom and dad are not so cool but you are not giving into that!! I played two games of scrabble with the kids - does that count? (oh, with my wine by my side as well )

Kerri said...

I've had those types of imposters at my house, too! The good news is that they're starting to show up less and less as my kids get older. Jen turns 23 on Tuesday (I'm driving to see her on Friday and we're spending the weekend in Portland!)...Ian is 21 and heading back to San Fran tomorrow for college. Good for you for making family time!!