Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Heat Wave

The calendar says January but our thermometer said it felt more like May. The mercury said it was 73 degrees today. I couldn't stay in the house. I told Madison to call a friend and we were going for a hike.

We went to the Oregon Trail Nature Park and got some exercise, fresh air and plenty of sun.


Anonymous said...

WHAT! I'm so jealous! Is that you in the last picture? You're looking good : ) I would have loved to gone on a hike today...instead i'm getting ready to go to a soccer game (go figure)

arizona or pittsburgh?

Nancy said...

dmoms ~ yep, that's me. The weather today was insanely gorgeous. I can't tell you how nice it was to get outside and work up a sweat in January!

Nancy said...

dmoms ~ I forgot....Arizona. I'm cheering for the underdogs plus Lawman likes Warner.

Anonymous said...

ditto for us. I have lots of relatives in arizona - that is my only reasoning though. well, agree about Warner.