Sunday, January 11, 2009

Menu Plan Monday | January 11 - 17

Last week I had two nights planned to try new recipes. Managed to get only one of them in and you can see more about it here. New recipes planned for this week too.

Sunday - Veggie Burgers (homemade w/lentils; everyone liked them), Roasted sweet potatoes and green beans (I used this recipe w/out the salad)

Monday - Papa Murphy's take & bake (I'm scheduled back-to-back today until 6:00 and I decided it's better than a drive thru)

Tuesday - Spaghetti Ham Pie (new recipe - will post later in the week)

Wednesday - Texas 2-Step Chicken with rice (crockpot)

Thursday - Winter Sausage Soup (from this cookbook)

Friday - To be determined

Saturday - Sunday School party; I'll be taking a pot of soup of some kind

As always thank you to Laura for hosting Menu Plan Monday.

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