Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love / Hate

I've found myself struggling with a couple of love/hate relationships today.

I love my lunch hour.

I hate spending my lunch hour running errands -- dropping off shoes for repair, going to the bank, paying a bill, picking up a book I requested, picking up a prescription.

I hate eating in a hurry at my desk with 5 minutes left in my lunch hour.

I love hearing my child play her instrument.

I hate sitting through a junior high band & choir concert for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

I love going to get ice cream after the concert.

I hate getting home late and feeling like I've lost my entire evening.

I hate helping with homework at 9pm.

I love the feeling of knowing it's ok to get in bed with my book because it's too late to start anything.

Good night.


Rechelle said...

Longest band concert in the history of band concerts. Goodnight!

Anonymous said...

Boy, how I miss those Middle School band concerts... they were always so riveting... and you just can't beat the comfort of those bleachers!

Anonymous said...

i've had to sit through some of those concerts. i love the concentration of the faces of the young ones. at our school - band starts at third grade. It is amazing to hear the improvement from the fall concert to the spring concert.

JC Mom said...

This is my favorite post in a while! I feel the same way. However we'll just be getting into the band concerts next year...