Sunday, April 26, 2009

Love & Respect ~ Followup

Not only was last weekend full of activities to make our first born feel like a princess for a day but I took the liberty of adding more to our calendar by signing us up for a Love & Respect conference at church.

Um, that wasn't such a hit with the Lawman. He didn't want to go. However, I held him at gunpoint and he finally said yes. (Just kidding!)

He was a bit nervous thinking we might have to give a testimony about what we share together. You know, wedded bliss.

Fortunately, it was a video conference so he was off the hook. No interaction with a leader required.

After 3 hours into this video, I was convinced that someone had placed a hidden camera in our home. So many of their 'examples' sounded like real life experiences. I laughed so hard I cried. Maybe it was because I felt like I was seeing my life.

Actually, it was like watching an episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. What does that tell you?

Going into this conference I didn't really have a lot of expectations. I thought it might be good for us to invest some time in us. Maybe see things from a new perspective. Re-energize. Well, that happened.

We learned that a man and a woman can say the exact same phrase and mean two completely different things.

"I don't have anything to wear."

When a woman says it, she means she doesn't have anything NEW to wear.

When a man says it, he means he doesn't have anything CLEAN to wear.

There's hundreds of examples but you get the idea. We don't communicate the same. We tend to speak before we think which creates misunderstanding. And arguments.

I noticed a real difference between us this week. More tenderness. More patience. More bliss.

Men don't naturally feel the desire to be loving. That's why God commands them to love their wife.

Women want to love but a man but he needs respect. Again, that's why it's a commandment from God that we respect our husband.

If those two things happen in a marital relationship, it makes a world of difference. It energizes it. Doing what God commands us to do provides a desire in our partner to fulfill our needs. Women need love. Men need respect.

Believe it or not on the way home from the conference, Lawman actually thanked me for signing us up.


Anonymous said...

oh, so that is why my husband is not romantic - it's not his nature. He needs to read his Bible more.


Jenny said...

Great to see you at the impromptu hen party! It was so good of our husbands to be supportive... sometimes a little girl chatting and a lot of uncontrollable laughing is good for a marriage, too.

Ginger said...

I am visiting your sight from The Animators sight....OK, itsn't this the truth about two things said the same, with different meanings. Add a couple of children and you're really off to a double meaning house.

Thanks for the laugh....My hubby will think that this is funny.