Sunday, April 19, 2009

Princess for a Day

Finally, the big day arrived. It's been on the calendar since January.

Prom 2009.

Many preparations had been made ~ new dress, shoes, accessories, hair appointment, flowers ordered, reservations made.

Alison was excited. Madison and I were excited. Lawman was nervous. Guess that's what dads do. Oh, but he was proud. I knew it even if he didn't say it.

I went with Alison for her hair appointment at noon. She wanted an up-do. Lots of curls. She got it.

Lots of hairspray and bobby pins too. Multiply that by a couple hundred girls and it makes me wonder what happened to the ozone layer yesterday. But just look at the end result....beautiful!

Once we had the hair done we had to do nails ~ toes and fingers. Then make-up. And finally it was time to put on the dress.

Doesn't every girl love to have a day of pampering and a beautiful dress to wear? Not to mention a handsome date. And of course, the ever difficult task of pinning that flower on. Lawman gave her instructions but said she had to do it. How is it that we can make everything else in life easier with new technologies but we still have to do this with those awful pins?

That photo.....that's how I know Lawman is proud. That bike is special. He wouldn't let just anyone use it as a photo prop. His idea too.

Following photos at our place, they went to the date's house. More photos. Then meeting everyone in the city park at 4:00 for more photos. Left for dinner at 5:00, back to town at 8:30, horse & carriage ride to the dance, and making a red carpet entrance.

Oh, but that's not all. Dancing til midnight, after prom party til 4am, breakfast and finally home for a good rest.

This photo is my favorite from the entire day. I think I'm going to have to get one framed. Don't you just love the tulips? They're everywhere in the park. Thousands of them. And I'm not exaggerating.

8 comments: said...

Oh my goodness...absolutely beautiful! We are gearing up for prom this next weekend and then the boyfriends school the weekend after that. Hair appts are made, nail appts made, and the dress is hanging ready to be put on. It's the most exciting thing ever and I love having a girl to experience it with!

JC Mom said...

The tulip one is my fave too. And the hair is awesome!

Nina Diane said...

so the hair and the dress and your daughter just looks so cute!

Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful

Sarah H. said...

I love that color of green! And I like Lawman's look: I'm smiling here, but if you don't behave with my daughter I'll put the smackdown on you, kid. :-)

Amy said...

Doesn't she look beautiful! I love that shade of green and that last photo is definitely a keeper! What a proud momma you must be!

kimj said...

I've never seen Michael look as serious as he does in the picture where Alison is pinning on his flower!! Too funny!!

Jenni said...

Your dd looks beautiful!

Jo's prom was last Saturday, too. And yes, I went out of town. I made her promise to get pictures, but she didn't get nearly enough. Her dress was the same color green. I'll have to post about it soon.