Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Run, Madison, Run

This spring we spent at least a day a week at the track. As spectators.

It's been a rule in our house that during jr. high, the girls must participate in at least two school sponsored sports.

Madison had it in her head that this rule wouldn't apply to her. Did she think that since it'd been 2 years since her sister was in jr. high that we had forgotten this rule? Much to her regret, we remembered. She signed up for track.

I think she was surprised how much she enjoyed it. I know. During enrollment she indicated that she plans to participate in volleyball and track next year.

I think one of our responsibilities as parents it to encourage our kids to try new things, even if it means pushing them outside of their comfort zone. If I don't encourage her to expand her horizons, who will?

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Anonymous said...

i'm with you. last night was baseball. and it was freezing out!