Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Some days, things just go right. Yesterday I had a very busy schedule and all day I was dreading spending my evening at a meeting. Shame on me. Things worked out fine and I got much done before AND after my meeting.

~ Start laundry ~ Go to Work ~ Stain Deck (Lawman, thank you!) ~ Banking ~ Work in yard ~ Prep for Meeting ~ Piano Lesson ~ Go to Meeting ~ More laundry ~ Pay Bills ~ Balance Checkbook ~ File Paperwork ~ Read in Bed ~

You'll notice that family isn't included in my list. Turns out I was without them as Lawman had training and the girls went to the last high school baseball game. Hence the reason for making the most of my time.


Anonymous said...

wow, slow down there missy! You are making me look bad : )

Nancy said...

I have to do it when I can. It's not often I can accomplish this much on a weeknight.