Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sewing 101

We're not living in the 80's anymore. How do I know? Well, the class that you take in school to learn how to sew, cook, balance a checkbook and all things domestic is no longer called Home Economics. It's now FACS -- Family and Consumer Science. I think that change occurred about the same time Secretaries became Administrative Assistants, Housewives became Domestic Engineers, all things had to have a fancy name.

I took Home Ec. I had to sew a skirt and blouse. That I never wore mind you unless you count the 'fashion show' we had to do at school. There was nothing fashionable about my outfit either. Probably why I'm not a fashion designer.

In today's FACS class you get to sew something that you'll use. Like a drawstring tote bag.

How cute is that? And usable!

I think I may need to check the local ads for a used sewing machine. Makes me want to get busy and stitch. Or maybe I should just let my daughter make one for me.


Amy said...

That is cute! I made the most hideous pair of red sweat pants and never finished them. Last year I took a sewing class and I would have royally flunked again if I had been graded on my performance. :) Some people just are not meant to sew :)

Minnie said...

We also had FHA (Future Homemakers of America) which was our Home Ec. "club." I've noticed now it's called HERO (Home Economics Related Occupations)

The bad is great both mine boy and girl had to do one.

Anonymous said...

let's take a sewing class together.

I failed home ec (not really) , I never thought I would use that stuff. too funny