Thursday, May 14, 2009

Welcome to the Big Top. Catnip served here.

I learned something about our cat last night. He apparently thinks our home is the Big Top. And, he's the star of the show. His specialty is acrobatics.

Here's how I came to know this.

This weekend, Lawman and I made a trip to the local greenhouse. While there I purchased flowers and herbs to plant in pots for our front porch and our deck. I love the smell of peppermint and spearmint (they're also good in tea) so I bought one of each. Next to them was catnip.

You know where this is going, right?

In my moment of kindness (weakness is more like it ), I suggested we buy catnip to put in with the spearmint and peppermint and see if our cat liked it.

The pots have been on the deck since Saturday but he only discovered it last night.

It's like a drug. Did you know that? I swear my cat is a druggie. A circus druggie. Living in my big top.

As soon as he got one whiff of that plant, (or was it taste?), he was hooked. He did back flips. Somersalts. He contorted his body just to get closer to it. He nearly laid in my pot. It was so funny that I hollered at the rest of the family to come watch this.

Next year I'm going to do an entire pot of just catnip. Cat will be stoned all summer.


mathteacher1729 said...

Oh my gosh I laughed so hard -- yer cat is a druggie! Hehehe.

Thanks for sharin' this -- glad I stumbled upon your site tonight, it made me smile!

Anonymous said...

oh, if I liked cats, I just might like yours. that is too funny.

p.s. I'm highly allergic to cats which explains my dislike.

Kerri said...

We have loved watching our cats with catnip over the years! Cheap entertainment!!!

Hope you have a great's a beautiful day in the Pacific NW and it should be perfect weather for the half marathon tomorrow. My body is still kinda sore from last weekend's race (and the flight home!) so I'm hoping all goes well tomorrow. I've been stretching lots, trying to loosen up.

Sarah H. said...

My boys have their own planters this year and chose their own plants. Keith chose a catnip plant and a couple of other things. I'm pretty sure nothing will survive in his planter, though, because the cats lay on it and rub all over it every chance they get. You're right, it's hilarious.

Nina Diane said...

that is so should put up a video of the cat!