Saturday, June 6, 2009

From Tween to Teen

It's happened. My baby has grown into a teenager.

It's official. That much anticipated birthday has arrived. She is no longer a little girl. No longer a tween. She's 13 today.

Gone are the days of letting me comb her hair. Needing me to tie her shoes.

We've moved on to bigger things. Like needing a ride or cash.

I've seen many changes in her. My favorite is that her relationships with those she shares a house with are changing. We're becoming friends. She invites us to do things with her because she wants to. Yes, all of us -- Mom, Dad and Sister.

Happy Birthday, my little M&M.


Anonymous said...

that was so sweet. good luck keeping the boys away now - she is really cute. Josh is coming up 13 in July. Then, he is moving out!! j/k.

Amy said...

She is absolutely beautiful. Happy Birthday to your beautiful little girl. I struggled through the kindergarten thing so I can't imagine how bittersweet turning into a teenager is. ((hugs))

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

She's adorable. Such a young lady...isn't it fun to watch them become young adults? I love watching my boys turn into men...even if they DO get on my nerves at times!

JC Mom said...

Wow! I am late catching up on the blog but I love the first pic so much...