Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One More Month

That's what we've got left of summer. Hard to believe, isn't it? Our high school junior starts school on August 14 and the 8th grader goes on the 17th.

I started the purchasing of school supplies 2 weeks ago with volleyball shoes for camp and the upcoming season. Made a couple of other purchases last night. Enrollment information arrived in the mail a few weeks ago. Emails have arrived with more enrollment materials, important dates and forms. Sports physical completed. Eye appointment completed. Dental appointments done.

This is my least favorite time of summer. I begin to feel pressured about not having completed all of the activities we had planned and the list of things to do before that first day of class seems to get longer instead of shorter.

In an effort to alleviate that pressure, my goal is to create a master of list of everything I need to do before classes start and break it down into manageable chunks of things I can do each week. We have a lot of fun activities on our calendar between now and August 7th and I want to be able to relax and enjoy them as much as possible.

How do you handle that back-to-school list of things to do?


Anonymous said...

no, say it isn't so! that is way too soon. My kids go back (to the new school) on August 31st.

Typically, I always took the last week of August off to do everything. I like your planning better. Makes much more sense and you can enjoy the last couple of days instead of rushing around.

Thanks for the song lyrics on my blog tonight. You were the one who suggested that I take a break before starting a new adventure. I didn't do such a good job at that. Oh well. Actually, a client just called to cancel so I am done to just two appointments tomorrow. Big D is leaving for a golf weekend Thursday morning. Sure wish you were closer - we could have a girls weekend : )

Beegirl said...

Gosh, we don't have kids, but I feel anxious just reading this. I hate having things on the calendar, plus having to get it all done before fall comes. Can I just tell you that every time a school bus goes up our street I think - I am so glad I am not on that thing! Random thought.

Wishing you peace and relaxation for the remaining summer days..
: )

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I am a huge list maker...I've got lists all over the place. But it helps me to not forget things, and to get things done. Plus I find that when I write it down it gets OUT of my brain...so I can't obsess over it. Once it's on paper it seems more doable somehow.

We start early as well...I can't believe how fast this summer is going! Remember at the beginning I was so concerned that we'd be BORED?! Yeah right!

Anonymous said...

i just noticed the back to school sales starting...yow. i agree we still have so much to do.

my main thing is getting sturdy reliable backpacks and lunchboxes the girls can use forever. we got boo one from l.l. bean end of last year.

but mostly, i'm pretending back to school doesn't exist. i'm enjoying my easy mornings, :-)

Sarah said...

I am feeling the stress, too! I don't have any good solutions, but I like the master list approach.

Anonymous said...

It seems so strange that you are enjoying summer and we're trudging our way through winter. How long do schools in the US have for their summer holidays?? It seems like a really long time. We only have six weeks for our summer holidays and by the time Xmas and NYE is over it's only 4weeks. But we have 4 school semesters of 10 weeks duration and two holiday in between each semester. I've always loved the idea of having the whole of summer off school.