Wednesday, July 8, 2009

t-shirts happen

I spent my evening with this little fishy. And 307 others just like him!

Sometimes I wonder how I find myself in these situations. I sure didn't raise my hand and volunteer. Someone else volunteered me. Volunteered me to design, order, sort and box 308 t-shirts for our swim league. Why would someone volunteer me for this? Let me just say that I think it's an example of one's organizational skills working against them.

They arrived today. I came home to find 4 large boxes in my living room. And how fortunate for my entire family to be unavailable this evening for sorting, organizing and re-boxing them! Lawman's going to have to load them for me tomorrow night because I don't think I can lug those boxes down to the garage and into the truck.

I made short work of it though. Sometimes it is easier and quicker to do things by yourself.

I'll get to see lots of happy little faces on Friday when I hand these out at our league swim meet. After 10 years, one more season is almost behind me.


Anonymous said...

oh, man. that looks like a lot of work. way to go Mom.

Anonymous said...

they look great, good choice.

it's hard enough when you volunteer yourself and then later go, ohhh i wish i hadn't done that.

another reason why i never miss a meeting whether it be community or work, the one who is never there always gets volunteered, lol.

Kristin said...

That's a lot of t-shirts! Have you tried enlisting the help of your hubby? I volunteer with 4-H and Master Gardener's.

kimj said...

So sorry that I didn't get to help you out! They look cute...good job! Did they have t-shirts last year?

Nancy said...

Kristin ~ I tried to get Hubby's help but after a 25 mile bike ride he found a comfy spot on the couch.

Kim ~ No problem girl. I told Lawman NOT to call you. It was the guilt factor working on him because he was on the couch. Yes, they had t-shirts last year but that was a first in about 4-5 years.

Beegirl said...

They look adorable. Orange is my favorite color. The kids will love'em for sure!!