Wednesday, September 30, 2009

alot of nothing

Life's activities have taken over. Our calendar is full. As in over-booked. Tonight is the first and only evening this week that we are home. Volleyball and football have and will occupy our evenings this week. And I have a conference to attend for work this weekend. Um, this will explain scarcity around here this week and part of next.

Just a few things to share:
  • Apple puff pancake for breakfast on Saturday. From this book.

  • Madison made the cut for the league volleyball team! Yeah! I'm a proud mama.
  • Just when I thought we were re-building our little financial cushion that some unexpected expenses depleted, BAM! Alison's car needs a new alternator.
  • As she (Alison) was fussing about being later than usual this morning because we had to go pick up the car, I told her to have an "attitude of gratitude" because she's fortunate to have a car to drive.
  • As soon as I said "attitude of gratitude" it smacked me upside the head that I should have that too. The little voice in my head was complaining about having to write a check for car repair. What I should have been saying was, "Lord, thank you for providing the money to allow us to write this check."
  • You can't beat small town customer service. Lawman met Alison at the school to help her with the above mentioned car trouble before it was repaired. On the way to the repair shop, the car stalled. Lawman called the repair guy and he was there within 3 minutes to offer help. He got it started, told Alison to take it directly to the shop. He took another vehicle off the lift to get hers in! Lawman and I headed out of town to the volleyball game for Madison. Before we even got there, repair guy called to say the car was done and ready to go. Just 55 minutes later the work was completed!
  • Cool, fall air is settling in. First pot of chili last week, lentil soup tonight. Delish by the way. Be sure to top with some parm cheese.

  • Doing some reading. Finished The Time Traveler's Wife and just started Prodigal Summer.
  • What are you reading? I need to get my winter reading materials gathered or at least a list made. Any recommendations?
  • And since there are 31 days in October and 31 Proverbs in the Bible, I'm going to try to read one a day. Proverbs are packed full of wisdom and Lord knows, I could use some.


Anonymous said...

no, a whole lot of somethings. that soup looks delish.

the emergency fund is for emergencies. I agree, be glad that you had the cash vs. having to use credit.

I certainly miss a small town. May I please come for a visit?

Jenni said...

I had to readjust my thinking about a root canal recently. Yeah, it was $600 on Care Credit, but at least I had the credit available, it's no interest for 12 months (and it won't take that long to pay off), and we recently paid off our other credit cards. Not to mention no more pain once it was done and a practically pain free procedure. A hundred years ago I probably wouldn't have had any of my own teeth left. There's a lot to be thankful for, even when it doesn't seem like it on the surface.

I'm reading My Life In France by Julia Child right now. It's more interesting than I thought it would be.

I try to read three chapters from my Bible a day which gets me through the whole thing in about a year. Proverbs is hard to read that way, though. You have to look at each Proverb individually and kinda chew on it or you really miss out. One chapter a day might be more do-able.

Have a great week counting your blessings:o)

Wren said...

Your breakfast looks de-slish! Love your dishes too!

Anonymous said...

Your apple puff pancakes look deee-lish! I love those plates too! Funny enough I just got the farm chick book out of the library yesterday and that is one of the first recipes I want to try.

And it always seems that something blows away the emergency fund.

What a great attitude though. Hoping things work out with the car. I am having a hard time imagining driving and sports playing girls!!!

Molly said...

you're reading two good books right now! loved them both. and tomorrow, i'm making pear puff pancakes for breakfast and lentil soup for dinner. gotta love fall cooking!

Cheryl said...

Books - I just finished "While I'm Falling" by Laura Moriarty (background is KU/Lawrence/KC since Moriarty lives in Lawrence.) Very good, although I thought her second book was more powerful ("The Rest of Her Life.")

Also read "Empire Falls" by Richard Russo (about small town life in Maine) and enjoyed that a lot. Followed it up with Russo's newest book "That Old Cape Magic" and jeez, that was depressing from beginning to end.

Enjoyed "The Double Bind" by Chris Bohjalian - very good!

(My broken foot gave me lots of reading time.)

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I am wanting some of that lentil looks SO good. Almost minestrone-ish...yum! Can't go wrong with a little parm on top!

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is late but I would highly recommend an author called Tim Winton. He is an Australian author and writes brilliant books.

PS I know what you mean about the "idiot box" and I'm grateful our footy season ended last weekend.

Lorie said...

I love Prodigal Summer. We like so many of the same books.
I love your Blog, nice work.