Tuesday, September 8, 2009

preparing my workspace

I spent part of Labor Day in the kitchen. Preparing my workspace. It's not a new workspace, just one that needed a good cleaning.

I couldn't bring myself to show a before photo. I know we're supposed to keep it real but no way am I going to embarass myself like that. Same with the fridge. It's clean now and no more science experiments are lurking.

I limited myself to one drawer yesterday. I have other areas that need a good scrubbing too. Next I plan to empty the silverware dividers and eliminate all those crumbs that seem to accumulate under my clean silverware. How does that happen?

The pantry is on the list too. I need to organize my baking supplies. Our temps are cooling off a bit which means it's ok to turn the oven on without worrying about overheating the house.

Do you prepare your workspace for a change in season?


Anonymous said...

hey silly, labor day does not mean to labor all day!! i did this recently. you will be so glad when it is all said and done!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I don't organize by the seasons. Everything I have stays where it goes all year round. I'm kind of a stickler about that!

And don't talk to me about cleaning the fridge...yikes. Mine needs it...really bad.

Anonymous said...

my fridge in the summertime is scary...too much produce in various stages of decay!

i did my kitchen and found so much, preparing for baking season as you say.

i still have the girls bedrooms which are truly scary! i won't even do a photo, it's embarrassing how much stuff they have. i sense a major cleanout coming.

funny how everyone says spring cleaning but i find fall is my time to nest.

kimj said...

I need to tackle my tupperware in the worst way...time to get rid of those items that I haven't used in years!!

Tammy said...

Yes...I'm spending the next four days cleaning out everything. Rearranging cabinets, restocking baking supplies and such. It feels good when everything is nice and tidy and in it's right home.

Wren said...

I really need to attack our pantry too. Still moving drawers and things around in the kitchen. Since I pulled the table in, we've been running in circles to find things. BTW-I have the same pie lifter. What is it called..I just took Niquil and I can't remember..