Friday, September 18, 2009

season of discontent

there's a feeling in the air

a feeling of discontent that i can't explain

something is missing, or awry

the winds are changing

seasons changing

bringing contentment, i pray

going through the motions of the day
wanting to move on

trying to be patient

asking for guidance, direction

I haven't felt much like blogging as of late. I've found myself less and less interested in this blogging thing. I told my SIL today that I feel like a hamster on the spinning wheel...running and going nowhere. Maybe it's the busyness of life taking over that has clouded my vision.

We're in the thick of Madison's volleyball season. Alison's part-time job keeps her away from home from late afternoon to early evening several days a week. Lawman has been working extra shifts and having training sessions. It has made it nearly impossible to gather us all around the table for our evening meal. Sunday night is about the only night I can get us all together. I'm missing that family time however, for some reason, the everyone going in different directions has provided me with one-on-one time with each family member whether it be in the car, on a bleacher, or at home. That on its own is positive.

There are seasons to life and this is ours now. Maybe it is His way of preparing me for what lies ahead of us in the not so distant future...the beginning of the empty nest syndrome.


Anonymous said...

i think we all go through these cycles. i do not look forward to the day we will have those hectic nights, right now though it seems hard i still have it so easy, my girls are still so close.

i hope you find your footing N., that the change in the seasons finds you some contentment, and that you feel the need to blog when you have something to say.

i love the viewpoint from your corner of the world though, makes me feel, i don't know, connected to someone a bit like myself.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Sending you hugs...I know what you mean about gathering everyone around the dinner table. It feels good to know they're all right there, safe and sound under one roof...and not scattered all over the place. With Seth in high school now I'm beginning to feel it, too, a little. And I think you're right...I think it IS preparation for what's to come. Strange to think about it, isn't it? The kids not being here... just keeps on going.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can feel my big hug too. Did you write the first words near the picture? On my other blog, I wrote about finding the things that you love to do and doing them. As moms, we only do what the kids are involved in. We never take time to do things we love. I encourage you to find and do those things. The quiet I am experiencing is weird too. Just like what Michelle references. Thinking of you.