Monday, October 19, 2009

learning to shop....differently

I'm coming clean here. I've never purchased an article of clothing for myself at a 2nd hand store.

There I said it.

I'm not opposed to thrifting. I have purchased second-hand household items ~ at garage sales, auctions, thrift stores. Just not clothing. For me. When the girls were little, I found a 2nd hand store in a city about 35 miles from home that sold high quality, upscale brands that had been 'gently worn.' No one could tell that they weren't brand new. And I sure wasn't going to say anything.

Fast forward to the teenage years. Now it's all about having the right brand of shoes, the right brand of jeans, etc. Granted, I think it's ridiculous but it's part of being a teenager. I think you'd be hard pressed to find a teenager that wouldn't pick a NIKE sweatshirt over one from WalMart or Target. Heck, I'd rather have a NIKE sweatshirt too. Not solely based on name brand but based on quality. The statement, "you get what you pay for" is true to some degree.

I took my girls shopping on Saturday. The weather is changing here and we need jeans and long sleeves. First stop was Plato's Closet. I hadn't been there. I'd heard good things about it from Alison (she'd been there before and purchased several items) as well as a classmate of Madison's and another mom. I had to see it for myself to be convinced that it is all they say it is.

Well, it is. Everything was neatly displayed. Like items were together and by color. Yes, by color. And the selection? Oh my word. I couldn't believe the number of jeans on the racks. They even had display areas by brand ~ Hollister, Aeropostale, The Buckle, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret. Who knew? It was like upscale thrifting!

Madison scored. Jeans from the Buckle ($35) and a NIKE zipper hoodie ($12). Ok, so you may not agree that the jeans were a bargain. But when the regular price in the store is upwards of $80, I'd say we did ok. And they look brand new. I know she'll get my money's worth out of them. Already she's worn them 2 times.

Did the girls care? No. It was their idea to go there first. See? I'm learning. From them. One step at a time.


Unknown said...

Another store to bargain shop at, if you can find one, is Steve & Barry's. It's the clothing store by Sarah Jessica Parker and everything in the store is about $9.89. It's a great store with really great clothes - all brand new but at a good price!

Anonymous said...

We have one near us but I have never been there. Steve and Barry's went out of business - the store was always a HUGE mess. I like the SJP line but I didn't think the quality was so good.

I'm not opposed to 2nd hand but for good quality items. sometimes they price the target stuff for the same price at target.

Have you ever been to H&M?

Anonymous said...

I too, have never brought clothes for me from a 2nd hand store either.

I've brought the boys camping clothes from there though.

Jenni said...

I've been thinking about writing some posts along these lines. (Posts so often never get past that initial thought with me, but we'll see.) I was raised by a single mom and we were thrifty by necessity. Garage sales and thrift stores are a natural first stop for me when we need something. I've done better than my fashion challenged mother, though. (That's a whole 'nother set of posts, but she reads the blog.)

I've been to Plato's Closet, and I do love how it's arranged. Being used to garage sale and Goodwill prices for used clothes and Target or Walmart prices for new, it's a little hard for me to buy things there. Sometimes they have just the right thing for the right price, though, and it is much nicer and easier to shop than Goodwill. Congratulations on finding a new way to shop that is both wallet and earth friendly!

Wren said...

I have to laugh. As a teen I wouldn't wear ANYTHING with a designer label on it. Even CUT OUT the label on the Jordache (?) Jeans. What a dork!!

I have to admit, I very rarely purchase things "new" at retail stores (unless I have coupons or it comes from clearance/sale rack). Most of my things come from second hand or thrift stores. Not sure why.. I wear scrubs to work and most of my everyday stuff gets ruined in the yard. Totally love the "GW" and consignment shops. Bought 2 Coach bags at the GW in Virginia. Our GW had a Kate Spade bag a few weeks back. You just have to dig around for it. Glad to hear you could find some treasures at Plato's. We have one around here, but I haven't gone in. Will have to check it out now.

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I love thrifting...but have to admit that I don't find a lot of clothing for myself. I think because my style is so casual that by the time casual clothing gets tothe thrift store it's REAL casual! I have found shoes on occasion...for myself and for Chris and the boys. Sometimes brand new. And household stuff of course...books... I think to get good finds you have to stop in twice a week...persistence is key from what I hear. My pastor's wife buys NOTHING new. Everything she wears is from a thrift store. But she goes to thrift stores in high end areas...and dresses to the NINES daily. She always looks like a million bucks. I figure I do OK shopping because I only shop sale racks. Old Navy...Gap...and the discount stores. I RARELY buy anything full price...if ever.

Good for your girls for hopping on the recycle wagon! How cool is that? We don't have those stores around here...dangit. I'd be all over it!

I know I already said it, but I LOVE your banner!

Lisa said...

I would love to shop at thrift stores but all of the ones in our area are SO poor quality. We have one kinda upscale consignment store but it's way out of my normal driving patterns. I do buy a lot of kids stuff at yardsales and the kids consignment. They are so hard on clothes that I don't want to spend money on them.