Monday, November 30, 2009

planes & airports

We had lots of togetherness during the Thanksgiving week. We traveled from the midwest to the Pacific Northwest to visit family; a trip we've been making regularly our entired married life. It was easy as newlyweds, then it got a bit more difficult as the babies arrived. This trip reminded me of that as our flights were full of young families with little babies and tots in tow, many of which were unhappy and let it be known. I felt empathy for those mothers as I remember being in their shoes and worrying about how disruptive our little ones were.

Now that our girls are teenagers the trip is easy, other than the long day of travel required to/from our destination. The girls decided that they'd sit together and if we were fortunate to find seats near them that was a bonus and if not, they'd be just fine without us. Obviously, they feel pretty comfortable in their ability to travel (which makes me quite happy I might add, as I didn't take my first commercial flight until I was 17). We had lots of time in planes and airports. (Makes me think of the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles ~ I should watch that again.) 4 hours in Vegas on the way out, 4 hours in Seattle on the way home.

In Vegas we took a walk for fresh air. Warm sunshine and palm trees awaited. Such a different scene from home and one that was welcomed. We indulged the girls in the activities available that they thought would be fun - riding in glass elevators, riding the tram - yes, even teenagers can be easily entertained. And, we watched our fair share of those playing the slot machines. We were just waiting for the ding, ding, ding of a big win but it didn't happen on our watch.

Seattle held an opportunity which we promised Lawman we'd take advantage of. A local seafood restaurant that is an absolute favorite of his. He would have preferred their location on the wharf but unfortunately that wasn't a possibility so we took advantage of the airport restaurant ~ Ivar's. My first trip to Ivar's was in April of 1992 with Lawman on our first big road trip as a married couple so even I have a fondness for it.

Salmon and chips for Lawman.

Traditional fish & chips for me.

No fish for the girls. They opted for fettucine alfredo in Chinese style carry-out boxes....what's wrong with that picture?

The trip home was l.o.n.g. After 10.5 hours of travel time, we were back at our starting airport. Add a 2 hour drive home. T.I.R.E.D.
Trying to get caught up now because a little elf told me Christmas is coming and I've got lots to do!


Anonymous said...

so glad that lawman got his Ivar's. Wish I could have taken you to a better location though. next time! and so weird to see Sea-tac photos. That area is all new. hope you had a good book to read : )

Sarah H. said...

I had Ivar's in SEATAC on our way back from our vacation in August. But I went for the clams. mmmmm, fried goodness!

Maybe we can get together and postpone Christmas by a week or two? :-)

Anonymous said...

yikes! no wonder you are tired!

i love Lawman's face in that first picture, priceless!

my youngest (6) is dying to fly, my oldest (8) is petrified.

i didn't fly until i was 23!

looks like you guys made the most of every bit of your trip!

Anonymous said...

I too can so relate to the upset babies and toddlers on long haul flights. I've done it far too many times to remember, but now both the boys are brill with any flights and car journeys.

Great to see you had happy safe travels.