Friday, January 29, 2010

i panic, lawman takes a trip, and i play nurse

Oh peoples...what a week. And yesterday was enough to put me over the edge.

Lawman came home from work early yesterday with a stomach virus. It escalated. Panic ensued. 911 was called.

Lawman's little stomach virus was a doozie. I heard him in the bathroom, heard the toilet flush then a thud. He passed out. Hit his head on the counter and then on the toilet bowl rim. I got him to come to and then it happened again. It took everything I had to catch him. I couldn't get a response from him.

This is where I panicked and called 911. And of course, given his line of work, I knew the dispatcher on the other end. I also knew the police officers and EMT people that showed up. Yes, they sent the ambulance. 2 cop cars. You know the neighborhood was wondering just what in the world was going on. Lawman was alert again, of course, before the help arrived.

Lawman refused treatment. He was fine. Didn't need any help. I insisted that they check his vitals. They checked out ok. Lawman signed the paperwork and went back to bed.

Well, it happened again. An hour later. I called our dr. and he said to take him directly to the hospital. So the youngest blonde and I loaded him in the truck. I was prepared for a fight out of him. I didn't get it though which tells me he felt lousy and was finally willing to admit that there was something going on.

Upon arrival, they checked him in and started the IV, took blood and gave him meds to calm the stomach. Dr. came to see him after clinic hours. Lab worked turned out fine. Checked vision. He was seeing double when he looked to the right. Dr. said he wanted to keep him overnight. Fine by me. Also said the double vision could be caused by a small fracture under his eye due to the fall. Did x-rays this morning to check for that; still waiting on results.

We're home now. Lawman is under house arrest. His orders are to assume the position on the couch and stay there.

I'm playing nurse. And as all good nurses know, chicken soup is a cure-all. There's a big batch cooking in my crockpot.



oh dear. i'm sorry you are having so much to deal with right now!! you know, my friend's husband recently had a horrible stomach virus and passed out from it...she had to catch him in the bathroom and almost called 911...sounds similar to lawman...thank goodness he has you to help heal him quick!!

Minnie said...

Oh my! I'll bet that scared you like crazy.

Glad to hear he's doing okay.

Anonymous said...

oh Nancy - I am so sorry. Please tell Lawman to take it easy! And, to be nice to you too. Wow. it has been a hard week. You take it easy too. xoxo

Jenni said...

I hope Lawman is feeling better soon!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I am so sorry you are having such a hard time lately my friend...I wish I were there to help...or bring brownies...or a latte..?!

And well wishes to Lawman...poor guy. I'm sure you are being a wonderful nurse to your hubby...

Nina Diane said...

oh sorry to hear. I hope Lawman is all well soon.

Anonymous said...

goodness gracious, woman! hope all is well there soon. what a scare!

well wishes!

Wren said...

There is a nasty round of flu going around. Thank heavens everything checked out okay. How scary! Glad you made him go to the hospital.. Sending warm thoughts your way..