Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pumpkin Pie: Better Late Than Never

In my mind, the season for pumpkin pie is behind us however, I had purchased the ingredients for said pie prior to Thanksgiving and then never made it.

There's been a new trend developing in our home over the last few weeks. Dessert has been on the menu. Do the baking on Saturday or Sunday and it can usually see us through until Wednesday or Thursday.

I was home alone last night so for entertainment I decided to do a little baking. Pumpkin pie. I made a couple of modifications to the recipe in the above link. Not necessarily by choice but because I didn't read the recipe carefully enough beforehand and also because I didn't have any nutmeg in my cabinet. The recipe calls for a graham cracker crust but by the time I realized it, I already had my mix-in-the-pan pie crust started. I'm sure it will be fine and I doubt if the food critics at my house will even realize the nutmeg is missing. We'll find out this evening when dessert is served.

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Anonymous said...

I finally made pumpkin pie too. I read so many blogs that had pumpkin pie in them and the curiosity finally got me. I must admit that I'm turning into a pumpkin pie addict and my only wish is that someone else in family would like it too.