Sunday, March 28, 2010

still dating after all these years

The point of dating is getting to know someone. Our dating period was successful because it ultimately led to "I Do" at the alter. We continued dating when we were newlyweds and then when babies arrived it was a little harder to find time for date nights. Even now that our girls are teenagers life is busy and we're not able to have a date night whenever we'd like but it's a bit easier because we don't have to coordinate with a babysitter.

This weekend was a dating weekend. We didn't actually plan it that way but it just happened to work out. Madison was out of town for the weekend with our youth group and Alison was scheduled to work Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

We managed lunch out on Saturday followed by some NCAA tournament action at home. Today we made it to a matinee movie. When we got back home it was so nice outside that we decided we better take advantage of it and get the motorcycle out.

Making time for each other is so important. No matter how many years we've been together, it's still nice to know that our spouse thinks spending time with us is important and enjoyable. We'll be empty nesters in 5 years. I don't want to be the couple that doesn't know what to do when the kids are gone.

Make time to enjoy activities together or participate in hobbies. You don't want to forget how to have fun together.


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

I don't want to be that couple either! Chris and I are making sure NOW to have interests other than our children...they're leaving after all...and then what? I am convinced that Chris and I will be fine and will have plenty to do! Of course I'll miss my "babies"...but, it's how life goes. xox Glad you had a good, loving weekend with your honey. (I have to tell you...I accidentally typed HINEY instead of HONEY!! Oops! A good weekend with your hiney? Not good...)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, i think we have several years before we get a weekend that you did. way to go. glad you had fun.

Jenni said...

We have just 5 years and change until we are empty nesters, too. I think we'll be just fine, especially Danny. He's always said he'll look forward to that time since we started having kids right away and never really had time to ourselves. I think it's harder on moms to adjust, especially stay at home moms. We get a date night once in a while now and we like to take walks together. Once in a while we go garage saling or antiquing or driving in the country or I can convince him to visit some small town I've heard about.