Sunday, April 11, 2010

first there were eight. then there were none.

Our back yard. 8 poplar trees. Each 35'+ in height.

Lawman and I have been nervous the past 3 years for fear that a big storm would take these trees down. On a neighbor's house. That fear is no more. They came down today.

The lumberjack. By day he's a law enforcement officer. On his off-time he has a love relationship with the chainsaw. We're thinking he needs a t -shirt that says "Got Wood?" or "Have Chainsaw - Will Travel."

We had one close call. The wind shifted and this sucker landed a bit too close to the house. About 12" too close for comfort.

We were nervous nellies.
We started with 8 poplars at 1pm. By 5pm we were down to 8 stumps. We'll be raking for days and days and get the idea. There's lots and lots of small debris to be picked up.
The lumberjack will be back tomorrow to cut the stumps lower. We'll have to call someone in to grind them up. We had beautiful weather. I'm hoping that during the entire afternoon of outdoor yardwork that I managed to get some sun. You know me, always thinking about the important things.
We know we'll have to plant a couple of trees to provide some shade in the back. Not in a hurry though. I'm going to give it some serious thought. I'm toying with the idea of requesting a couple of raised beds to plant veggies in and then planting trees to the north. It's probably going to be a long, hot, sunny summer in our backyard this year.


Anonymous said...

looks like you have a big backyard - put in those raised beds. You won't regret it : )

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Lawman of all trades! I love when Chris chainsaws stuff...I love the smell of the burning fuel. I know...weird. And I'm thinking trees to the north and raised beds sounds perfect!! Glad all went well and safe...xoxo

kimj said...

Wow! You kids were busy!! I didn't know that yesterday was the day for the end of the Poplars...I know you will miss the shade, but not the millions of twigs and branches after every storm!

Amy said...

We had to get rid of one of our trees because it was uprooting our patio and I have another one that throws prickly balls that I would like to say goodbye to too! :) It looks so big and open now!