Wednesday, April 21, 2010

tulip festival

We live in a small community, population about the 5,000 mark. It's quiet with the exception of 2 weeks out of the year -- 3rd weekend of April and July 4.

Our Parks Department plants thousands of tulips every year. Yes, thousands. I heard the actual number of bulbs once before and could not believe it. I wish I could remember. Anyway, because we have so many tulips, we host what has become known as the Tulip Festival.


 Craft and food vendors pour into the community to set up shop for the weekend. This year was a banner year for them ~ the weather cooperated. It was sunny and warm. Lots of folks took advantage of it and spent the day in the park.  About 40,000 they estimate.


 Lawman and I ventured down in the afternoon for a while. For us, it's more about checking out the crowd.  We did walk through a few of the tent areas and saw some wares from some really talented folks. The only item that has made me regret not purchasing anything was a bag made out of plabric ~ layering of old plastic bags. I thought they were darling but really, I need another bag like I need a whole in the head. (The picture below doesn't do the item justice but the vendor was giving me the stink eye. She probably thought I was going to steal her idea or something. So, I took it quickly and scooted out of there.)


These boys caught my attention too. Aren't they cute? All lined up like toy soldiers. Goodness straight from the hive.

We also had to take a stroll through the food area. Oh the heavenly aroma. You could get darn near anything your, stomach...desired ~ ~ turkey legs, corn on the cob, funnel cake, bbq, chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, or limeades to name a few.

I love fresh limeades so when I saw this stand for cherry limeades, I knew what I was spending my money on. Lawman went with the cherry lemonade and a very large grilled Italian sausage with peppers and onions. A good ending to a little afternoon outing.

If you ever find yourself in our area on the 3rd weekend of April, be sure to plan accordingly. You'll be glad you did. And, pleasantly surprised at the offerings of our little town.


Anonymous said...

very fun! you and lawman have been dating a lot lately!

Unknown said...

Tulips are my fav flower! We will have to go sometime! And if we are in the area we have my favorite aunt to stay with :o)


what a fun place to go! and great pix! :)

Amy said...

Oh, it all looks sooo pretty!! I bet that was a lot of fun!