Sunday, May 9, 2010

vintage box of memories

This vintage recipe box holds memories of 3 generations of women - a great aunt, a grandmother, my mother, and me.

My mom passed this recipe box down to me a short while ago, including it's contents. I hadn't spent much time in reading the enclosed recipes until this weekend. I guess you could say I took the time this weekend in honor of Mother's Day.

I love the old paper -- it's torn and wrinkled from much use and stained with oil and other ingredients, an indication of a favorite recipe.  Better yet is the fact that there are many recipe cards in my mom's handwriting.

The recipes in the picture above are for baked goods. A chocolate sheet cake my mother made regularly, hence the stains on the paper; a recipe for Lacy Sugar Cookies in my elementary school day handwriting, a recipe for Grandma Griffin's Cocoa Frosting that appeared in her local newspaper.

Going through these recipes this weekend make me want to try several of them soon.  A recipe for Hamburger Chowder which I think may be the soup my oldest daughter fondly remembers eating at Grandma's house as a little girl; a bar cookie recipe that uses a cake mix, peanut butter and chocolate chips; and Tropical Chicken which includes orange marmalade in the list of ingredients. 

I think it is quite obvious that my mother instilled in me a love for good food and the pleasure of cooking and baking. Mom, thank you. I know I wasn't always a willing participant in the kitchen but now I see how fortunate I am to have had you to teach me. I hope my girls will be able to say the same thing in years to come.


Anonymous said...

that is more like a treasure box vs. recipe box - and beyond that - a box full of memories. very cool.

s said...

that is so nice! My kids rave about my mother in law's cooking - I would LOVE to get into her recipe box! (although my heart was a little happy when my son came home yesterday from his visit to Nanny with a bag of choc chip cookies and said they were good, but not as good as mine - score one for me!)

Amy said...

Oh, that recipe box would look so beautiful in my kitchen. What a treasure, Nancy, I absolutely love it!!