Friday, June 11, 2010

making every day special

I'm changing out my every day dishes. Why? So that I can use the 'special' plates.

I purchased 4 of each of these dishes in Germany in 2002. How often have I used them? On July 4th and the days immediately before and after. You know, for 'special' occassions. Dumb. I know. Why do we do that?

I decided earlier this week that these would be our summer dishes. So until Labor Day these will be our every day dishes. Making every day special. Care to join me?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, i was looking at dishes today at target. we need some new summer ones. looks like you found the new designs on blogger. aren't they fun!

Sofia said...

Totally agree. My mom bought us nice porcelain dishes - and i am using them for everyday!!! I think we should enjoy them more often - not only on special occasions.

Anonymous said...

great idea, i love these! and they are perfect for summer!

Anonymous said...

in germany? perfect if you ask me.

they scream summer!

Anonymous said...

Good idea, because really, everyday is special isn't it?