Wednesday, August 4, 2010

make your own | oreos

My family loves oreos -- store bought and homemade. Yes, homemade. I can't believe I haven't posted this recipe before. My friend, Jody, gave it to me years ago. 

It's very simple and makes a perfect after school snack (yes, it is almost that time again). The recipe says they are best if eaten the next day but my family can't possibly wait 24 hours before they get their first taste.

Homemade Oreo Cookies
1 Devils Food Cake Mix (I use Pillsbury but any brand will work)
1/2 c. canola or vegetable oil
2 eggs

Mix ingredients together until well incorporated. Scoop with a small cookie scoop (I use Pampered Chef's small scoop). Place on cookie sheet and bake 9 minutes at 350. Right out of the oven, drop the pan to flatten. (Yes, literally drop it so they loose their puff.) Cool.

To assemble: use frosting of your choice (we prefer Betty Crocker whipped vanilla but homemade would work fine too). Frost the bottom of one cookie and use another cookie to sandwich it. Store in an airtight container. Best if eaten the next day.

Like I said, I don't know about the "next day" because we can't wait that long.


mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Well, YUM. I had no idea you could make your own. I'm not a big fan of chocolate but I rarely turn down oreos. I think my fam would LOVE these.

Anonymous said...

those wouldn't last five minutes in my house!

Renee said... the drop the pan part. I could use one of those right now!

kimj said...

Oh my...I will be making a batch of these...soon! Thanks for sharing!


oh dear, those look way too good. thinking i might have to make them this weekend...

underthebigbluesky said...