Thursday, October 21, 2010

ending my week on a happy note

1. no work for me tomorrow;

2. spending tomorrow with my girls, which of course, includes shopping;

3. clean bathroom floors;

4. a glass of wine;

5. quiet time with a cookbook from the library;

6.  my checkbook is balanced and all bills paid;

7. homemade mac & cheese for dinner (it was really creamy & delish);

8. cranking the 80's tunes while cleaning;

9. lawman is installing new flooring in the basement tomorrow (while the girls & i shop);

10. college football.

Enjoy the weekend!


Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

It all sounds DIVINE. Especially the new floors part...yay!! We are going to paint Seth's room this weekend...I am SO GLAD. His room has been yellow since we moved was cute when the boys were little. But now it's just plain annoying!

Have a GREAT day with your girls...xox

Anonymous said...

Have much fun!! I'm glad you have an extra day off. Enjoy!!!

Sharon said...

I think I may have to join you with the glass of wine..and even the delicious mac and cheese! Enjoy the day shopping with your girls....especially now that you have your bank book balanced! :)!

SZM said...

sounds perfect!

Wren said...

Have a marvelous weekend!!