Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cooking for credit

I got a break in the kitchen on Sunday evening. Madison is enrolled in a Nutrition & Wellness class and part of the requirement is that she prepare a meal for her family. Guess who got a night off?

She selected the menu -- double layer tacos, chips & salsa and a fruit cup. Kuddos to her for planning. She made sure that all of the ingredients were on my shopping list the week before. Hmmm...maybe she's learned a thing or two about menu planning from her mama.

She did great! I enjoyed having her busy in the kitchen and I observed for the most part. Well, other than helping with the chopping of the apple for the fruit cup. I volunteered to help her with the chopping of the apple for the fruit cup as I was not keen on the idea of a trip to the emergency room before dinner. She openly admitted being a little more than nervous about having to use a knife. Guess what her kitchen chores will consist of from here on out? I think there are a few veggies to be chopped this week as we prep that turkey dinner on Thursday.

Oh, and did you  notice anything in that picture? Cell phone? Really? Tacos with a side of texting is what we had for dinner.


Anonymous said...

that is great!

In cooking class, I have to supervise 9 and 10 year olds with knives!!

Sharon said...

That is so funny, I didn't notice the cell phone until you said something! I think it's an awesome skill for both sons and daughters to learn. I might have to designate a night for my kids to cook...I LOVE that idea!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

The cell phone is the first thing I noticed!! SO funny...and dinner sounds yummy!

SZM said...

love this! The cell phone part of the photo makes it extra special! Wonder if we'll look back years from now and laugh at the way cell phones look....kinda like when I see someone in an old movie talk on a phone with an antennae!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You know what? I DID notice the cell phone before you pointed it out. I have a tween and a teen and am not one bit surprised!

I love that she got to make dinner! I think I need to start something like that in my house...maybe in the summer when we're less busy I could have my daughter plan/make dinner once a week. That would work!