Sunday, January 9, 2011

grocery geek

I've told you before but I'll tell you again....I'm a grocery geek. I have a grocery budget therefore, I like to know if I stay within my limits. Only way to do that is to track my spending.

For years now I have been saving all of my grocery receipts. I have a clear plastic envelope of sorts that hangs on my fridge. After each shopping trip, the receipt ends up there. At the end of the month I staple them together and tally the totals.

Some of you may remember that last year I announced that I was moving to an all cash grocery budget. I am happy to report that I stuck with it. All year. It's habit now and I love it. Well it turns out that we did quite well. Our annual total for groceries and household items was $5,651.98. Over 52 weeks that equates to $109 per week. Our best month was October, coming in at $344.91. Our most expensive month was December nearing the $600 mark. And yes, I did write a check for one of my trips because my grocery envelope was empty. Lots of entertaining, parties, etc. that month.

This month I am trying to clean up the freezer and pantry. FishMama is hosting her Pantry Challenge again this year so that is my  motivation for trying to use it all up. Here is another place of interest to grocery geeks; I'm planning to follow this lady during 2011 to see what she does with $100/month.


Anonymous said...

Did you count up the number of stores that Mavis shopped at? In all budgeting fairness shouldn't she include a mileage and/or time expense? I know you are a bit closer to civilization than I am, but when I go west, I have exactly one grocery choice, and when I go east, I can double that.

Anonymous said...

first of all, AWESOME Nancy!! So proud of you for keeping such good track of your grocery dollars.

Second, I saw that site last week. We don't eat that way. I can't imagine the time it takes too to do all that either. The comment above is funny.

Lastly, in response to your comment on my blog - I am fine. Lots of drama around me. Tired of talking about it - you know what I mean? xoxo

Michelle said...

I'm jealous! I'm a grocery geek too, but can't seem to be organized enough to track my spending. Great job!

Sharon said...

Your yearly total is AMAZING! I'm on my way to having an all cash grocery shop, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of saving grocery receipts all in one spot!

Anonymous said...

Hey Blondie,

I'm hungry, Just kidding your the best.


Anonymous said...

we love Lawman.

i wanted to do this and started doing the cash thing this year. i cannot believe how i make different choices.

tonight we headed to the store with only $40 left for the grocery budget this week, we took em's calculator and did a pretty good job.

congrats to you though, i don't think i could stay on top of something like that but great results.

the best part of it is finding what it is worth spending the extra money on and what not!! could have saved me a lot a long time ago.

thanks for sharing all this!!

Mavis said...

Above all... I think saving money is fun. Once you get past the first few months... it just becomes a habit. Best of luck on reducing your grocery budget this year... You can do it... keep your eye on the prize :)

Susan@Emperorp said...

I collect receipts too, only not just for groceries :)

This year I've decided to set a monthly grocery budget and track my spending more closely in this area to stay within that budget. We've recently added fourth child to our clan so I envision a lot of food in our future. Best to get this habit down now rather than later. :)