Sunday, January 2, 2011

new start

new start. it's available to us all on many occassions -- a new day, a new month, a new year. somehow the majority focus on a new year. i've been thinking about this new year that is barely a day old. wondering what it will hold for me. for us as a family. ultimately, we are not in control however, we can't just sit idly by and think that what we want will happen. we must do our part. we must participate.

i've picked a word for my new year. mindful. an adjective. meaning bearing in mind; inclined to be aware.

mindful ~ of my time ~ of my thoughts ~ of my actions ~ of others ~ of what i spend ~ of what i purchase ~ of what i eat ~ of my body ~ of what i read ~ of what i watch ~ of what i hear ~ of my priorities ~ of needs ~ of wants ~ of everything & everyone in my life.

Wishing you & yours a joyous and propserous 2011.


Anonymous said...

mindful is a great word. I love your thoughts around it too. Happy New Year!!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...'s perfect.


Sharon said...

That's my word too!!! Great definition!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR NANCY! Here's to a great mindful 2011!

Wren said...

Happy New Year to you!!