Thursday, January 20, 2011

we're making progress

Remember that graduation party I told you we needed to prepare for? Well, we've started and we're making progress.

The photo above is of the basement area that Lawman ripped the carpet out of. He has since put in new wood flooring, we've had cabinets and a counter installed and we've purchased a new bar which serves as the divider between this area and the tv area where there happens to be a new 50" flat screen hanging on the wall (our Christmas present to each other). I did the painting (and my shoulder hasn't been the same since but that's another story). Carpets have been cleaned. Furniture moved. We've had some framing done and the new art is finally hanging on the wall.

We're not done down here though. There's a gap between the tall pantry cabinet and the wall. We're planning to have a custom wine rack built that will also include an area at the bottom for serving trays. We need new blinds on the window. And, you will probably notice there's the head of an animal hanging on the wall. That's a story in and of itself that I have to share with you.

Our friend, who I will refer to as BS (his initials, honestly) happened to mention weeks ago that he had a wild boar's head that would look great on the wall in the bar area. About 3 weeks ago I asked our neighbor gal, who is helping me with decorating because she's got a natural talent for that, to come by and see what we have accomplished. It had easily been 2 mos. since she was here last so alot had changed. It was also the day the bar arrived and BS knew that. As soon as the neighbor gal got here, I immediately took her downstairs to show her our progress. I flipped on the light, noticed that u.g.l.y. animal hanging on my wall, screamed and hollered for Lawman! I immediately called out BS on the extra decorating that had taken place that day. No wonder he kept calling that evening to see when we were going to be breaking the bar in! Needless to say, my decorator and I were in agreement that Mr. Boar did not add anything positive to the atmosphere. Lawman on the other hand thought it gave the bar a more manly feel....whatever!

I tolerated Mr. Boar until last Saturday. We had that little "break in the bar" party and I sent him home with BS as a nice parting gift. I won!


nancy said...

HA! If I'm correct with the initials BS, sounds like something he would do! :) Love the bar - are those tin tiles right under the lip of it?

Nancy said...

@Nancy ~ I'm sure you are correct with your assumptions on the initials. Just like him, isn't it?! The tiles are slate (I think) in shades of grey/green/amber.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the final photos!! your story is cute!!

Sharon said...

Um, yes, I would get rid of the boars head too. I'm anxious for the big reveal too! :)!

Jenny said...

Did I mention BS also has a full body turkey mount? I hope that does not show up next :). He is ornery, isn't he?

The basement looks amazing and is such a great use of the space! It will be fun to see the finishing touches, that is if we are ever invited over again ;0.