Wednesday, March 23, 2011

all fired up

it has felt like spring this past week. what better reason to fire up the grill? there's something about that first meal of the season prepared on the grill. it tastes sooo good. must be something to do with the absence of that fresh grilled taste during the winter months.

tonight it was chicken fajitas. last week it was bratwurst, steak (a splurge) and chicken. that slotted grill pan my veggies are on? i heart it. one of my favorite pieces of kitchen equipment during the warm weather months.

and speaking of warm weather months...i've already started a mental list of meals for the grill or the microwave. i'm loving the warm days of spring but before long it will be the hot days of summer and i won't want to heat up the house.

got your grill fired up yet? hope you're enjoying the early days of spring wherever you are.



i need a grill pan like that...what a great picture!

Michelle @ Give a Girl a Fig said...

Not yet...we just had LOUD thunder and lightning this afternoon...then showers...then SUN! The weather is bi-polar around here!

Love your new "zesty" header!


Anonymous said...

we need a new grill this year for sure. Love that you are pre-planning summer :)

Sharon said...

YES! We've actually been grilling all winter. We love our grill. Hey, have any cool recipes? I wouldn't mind grilling every night of the week! :)!

kimj said...

Those grill pans have been on my list for so long...maybe I'll ask for them for Mother's Day! We grilled Taco Turkey Burgers last night...yum!